Morning Fruit Nosh

Rise and shine everyone! My husband and I have a fun-filled day planned taking a trip to the National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly and then hopping on over to Artomatic in Crystal City, so we need plenty of energy from breakfast. Here’s a quick post of a delicious morning nosh to start your day.

We have hardy fruits around our kitchen so I chopped up bananas, cherries, mangos, and clementines (mangos and clementines courtesy of Mama Chiang). You can use anything you like. I tend to have these fruits in our kitchen because they last a long time. Then sprinkle walnut pieces and drizzle organic grade B maple syrup to fuse the fruits together. Honey can be used but grade B maple syrup is packed with nutrients. This is a great substitute for those who are allergic to honey.

A quick fruit salad while I read Vogue. By the way, I love this edition of Vogue – America’s Olympic Hopefuls. It’s refreshing to see athletes on the cover. They have the most beautiful bodies, because they can do amazing things like hurdles, gymnastics rings, or butterfly stoke. Athletes are strong, gorgeous, and the epitome of super fit.

Enjoy this spectacular Sunday!

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