Baby I Like It Raw

My husband took me to a romantic dinner at Elizabeth Raw this past weekend.  Elizabeth Raw started as a catering business, but eventually opened their restaurant on Friday evenings.  I’ve been dying to try this place because they specialize in raw foods.  A raw food diet is when you consume plant foods at its natural state, meaning foods that are uncooked and unprocessed.  Most raw foodists spend a lot of time chopping, blending, peeling, and dehydrating.  Although I’m not a raw foodist 2-3 of my meals on a given day are typically raw.  If I can have dinners like this every day I would be 100% raw for sure.

The restaurant looks like an art museum  – beautiful paintings, hard wooden floors, and chandeliers to create a warm and intimate atmosphere.  We were actually greeted by Elizabeth herself.


While we waited for our table we sipped our cocktails and noshed on kale chips at the bar.


I actually saw people come in just for these kale chips.


Chef Jonathan Seningen comes up with a different menu every month.  We came right in time for the March menu.  There’s also a wine pairing option, but we opted out since we still had our cocktails.  We didn’t even finish our drinks at the end of the night, so skipping wine was a good idea.  Here’s what we had:

Beet Aumoniere
pistachio mousse, avocado, parsley
This is my favorite dish.  It’s a spoonful (literally), but the flavors were dancing in my mouth.    


Warm Cucumber Soup
apple, cashew yogurt, avocado
Super creamy and I can’t believe this is raw.


Parsnip Choux Froid
black olives, sun dried tomato, marjoram, beets
My husband’s favorite dish.  Such a pretty plate. 


Apple & Celery Sorbet
sel gris, olive oil
This was surprisingly a great combination. 


Curry Scallop with Carrot Risotto
rutabaga, fennel, saffron cappuccino
The scallops were made out of trumpet mushrooms and the risotto was made out of carrots.  Yum-O!


Banana Chocolate Semifreddo
coconut, rum, almond
This was intimidating at first because I was full, but after one bite it was soon an empty plate with leftover chocolate smears.  Yea I wanted to lick the plate, but remained ladylike for the sake of not embarrassing my husband.  I would so do it if I was at home. 


What a phenomenal experience!  My husband and I ate slowly to savor every single bite.  We were thinking about what to do after dinner – a stroll along Georgetown Waterfront like old times?  Or grab another cocktail in the area?  Something romantic?  When you’re married you can skip all that mumbo jumbo and tune in to your guilty pleasure.  For us it was Duck Dynasty.  Yup, we couldn’t get enough of that show.  Hey we were laughing together and to me that’s romance.


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One response to “Baby I Like It Raw

  1. Oooh….the food sounds delish and a very interesting experience. Although I am not about to change my eating/lifestyle I still love a good food experience and love trying new stuff! If you ever want to go to a raw restaurant again let me know. You can help me choose what to eat :).

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